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New Data Shows that Pinterest Drives Sales as much as Traffic

WebiMax Contributor, April 2, 2012

There is some important and exciting news about Pinterest that a lot of businesses really need to pay attention to. As reported by a recent article on Mashable, it has been found that Pinterest is not just a heavy driver of traffic to companies' websites. Pinterest has now been shown to also be a driver of sales. This piece of information adds greatly to the mounting evidence that supports Pinterest's value to the world of marketing. This evidence purports that Pinterest possesses a great deal of potential for becoming an integral component of many companies' SEO and social media marketing campaigns.

Evidence comes from data that was compiled by the company Wayfair, which is the second largest retailer of home goods by revenue. It supports three websites for sellings its wares: wayfair.com, allmodern.com, and jossandmain.com. What Wayfair has found is that shoppers which arrive on their sites from Pinterest are 10 percent more likely to purchase an item than shoppers who are referred from other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as from search.

Not only that, people referred from Pinterest spend 10 percent more than average customers. The article goes on to state that, when the statistics of all social media sites are put together, visitors to websites who have been referred from Pinterest spend 70 percent more than visitors who have been referred from other sites, and including search. These are some pretty significant numbers for all businesses that are considering adding Pinterest to their social media marketing repertoire to seriously consider.

An important point that Wayfair makes in its announcements is that the company had only started actively using Pinterest at the beginning of 2012. In this short span of time, the company's Pinterest boards have experienced a great deal of popularity – and its site a significant amount of traffic and sales. This is a sign to other companies that it does not take long for a marketing campaign on Pinterest to start paying itself off.

If your business is thinking about opening, or has already opened, a Pinterest account, don't hesitate to start putting together several beautiful boards. It won't be long before the benefits start kicking in.

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