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Smart CEO's Brava! Awards Utilizes In-Event Tweeting, WebiMax Takes “Best Tweet”

Ryan Buddenhagen, July 19, 2012

Twitter is instantaneous, it is engaging, it is fun…and organizations across sectors continue to find new and interesting ways to use it for all different kinds of purposes. From promotion to personal customer engagement, Twitter has become an essential tool, and we have written to great length about this development here on the blog.

A trending practice now though is the in-event tweeting to promote an ongoing event adding online exposure and pushing excitement regarding the organization and event throughout the Twitterverse.

And this was the experience last night at Smart CEO’s Brava! Awards, an event honoring women business leaders in the Philadelphia area. WebiMax was present for the event, learning from the inspiring honorees and supporting Smart CEO, a growing outlet for quality business insight that currently serves the Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington DC markets. The event was a success and we were tweeting along with many of the event’s 400 attendees, and, we were able to come away with their “Top Tweet” honor with this little gem:

  •  ‏@WebiMax It's tough to be the smartest person in the room... When you're surrounded by all these area woman leaders at the #bravaawards

Smart(est)…pun intended.

Please Tweet…And Make Them Good
This trend of tweeting at events is growing. It is helpful and when done right accomplishes goals relating to both those present at the event and online marketing efforts. It directly engages with attendees at the event to join the conversation and offer their voice to what they are experiencing, and this can create heightened energy in the room and an overall more enjoyable experience for those present.

On the flip side, the benefit is clear online. The name of the game remains creating compelling content, being creative, and using authenticity, and then #hashtags and (at)mentions do all the heavy lifting to get the tweets out to the various relevant feeds that people are tracking. These comments widen the reach of the brand, increasing exposure, presenting a positive image and creating some Twitter buzz surrounding them.

With that said, Smart CEO’s event organizers were right on point, encouraging attendees to continuously tweet and reading them off periodically to give positive feedback about what was being tweeted. Such a practice has its merits. Social media and SEO agencies continuously find new ways for businesses to engage and then advise them on the actual tactics for its implementation. Depending on some variables, namely the level of formality of the event and tech-savviness of attendees, businesses should go for this, fully encouraging the exposure and engagement of in-event tweeting.

For more information about using Twitter in this way or to further your business’ general marketing and exposure goals, reach out to me directly at rbuddenhagen(at)webimax.com and @ryanwbudd.

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