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Study Reveals Customers Trust Online Reviews

Jillian Johnson, April 20, 2012

The internet has not only become a tool for people to conveniently search for products or services online, but a dominant source to learn about businesses. With the various online review sites available, customers can read reviews about businesses as well as provide their own review. And 'word on the internet' spreads like wildfire. But, does everyone really trust online reviews?

According to results from the Local Consumer Review Survey (2012), roughly 72% of the consumers surveyed trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. Of those who read online reviews, 65% of consumers read 2-10 reviews. Of course reputation management is essential in operating a business, in which 58% of consumers stated that they trust a business with positive online reviews.

It's no doubt that positive reviews about a business will turn a visitor into a consumer. If a business has a negative review, how likely is it that you would trust them?

Also, more people are utilizing the internet to obtain information about a business because of the convenience. Whether from a laptop or cell phone, people can quickly search online for reviews about a business. And because so many people are turning to online reviews, they are becoming more valuable.

Let's also not forget that online reviews make their way into the social media world. Whenever I receive excellent service from a business, my positive experience with that business makes its way onto my Facebook page for my friends to read and I send a tweet as well for my followers. Positive reviews are especially beneficial for businesses involved in social media as they help a business gain more online attention.

Nothing means success to a business like a positive review from a customer.

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