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The Power of Blogs

John Borkowski, August 8, 2011

Bloggers feel as though we are our own authors, writing, informing, and providing rich quality content for others to read. In this age where social media, smartphones, and blogs essentially govern the lives of those in the spotlight, they can be magnificent mechanisms for exposure, or they can have negative effects on exposure.

Consider the example of a councilman in Millville, NJ. The man had allegedly sent crude photos of himself via social media tools to a woman. Those photos were then published online on a blog, and the man’s reputation, and job, has been run through the mud.

Classic example of the power of blogs.

Blogs can be a great tool for shining some extra light on products, features, and establishing yourself with authoritative work. However if misused, they can have lasting effects on reputation. Companies will often announce new products on their online blog. This is a much less expensive way of announcing a new product, versus a costly advertising campaign.

The demand for blogs is vast and reaches anywhere in the world. That reach, however, can be dangerously misused as can the type of exposure it gives people in the spotlight.

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