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Twitter Reaches 100 Million Followers

Posted by John Borkowski on Sep 12, 2011 9:53:00 PM

The social media company announced that they have 100 million users, and there are 1 billion tweets every seven days. Those numbers are clearly impressive, as it further reiterates how social media is the new form of mass communication. Twitter has led the way in which we as people communicate to others around the world. This was announced at the “State Of The Union” Address by CEO Dick Costolo’s. Actually, he arrived and said “nothing big, just wanted to give a state of the union on the business”.

Costolo also announced plans to further expand their ad business. Right now, Twitter has a very weak presence in the ad conversation, with their basic presence in providing “promoted” tweets. Twitter can leverage the ad business greatly in the same sense that Facebook has, offering users to create a targeted ad campaign.

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