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When a Title Tag Comes Along, You Must Snippet

admin, January 16, 2012

Do you host a large site, one with a multitude of products and services?  Are you a review provider?  Is yours a business-to-business site, offering listings to a host of vendors?  If so, it's likely there are many pages within your Web site.  That's great news, inviting more opportunities for commerce.  However, you want to ensure each page is getting deserved attention.

Title Tags are for Bots and Humans…Don't Forget the Humans

We all know about the importance of title tags.  Search engines use title tags to appropriately catalog data and Web browsers use SERP-supplied tags to make decisions as to what sites best address their needs.

While at present, applying rich snippets does not immediately improve your pages ranking on SERPs (Google champions them for better indexing but relates snippets do not improve a URLs position on SERP pages), snippets do help bots catalog a page's information and snippets help browsers.  While the SEO process heavily relies on "communicating" with SE bots, it's a mistake to neglect communicating with browsers as well.  Rich snippets allow Web masters to include additional information in title tags.

Here's an example from Google Support:


Offer More Value to Browsers…and Advertisers

The City Search site has a lot of information to offer browsers.  The site offers more value to browsers through snippet information related to reviews, location, and so on.  For a third-party site, like City Search, offering more value to the user is fortuitous on two levels: one, browsers will champion the City Search results due to the provision of robust information; secondly, businesses, who advertise through City Search, will celebrate the provision of snippets; after all, the businesses are leveraging third-party sites for increased exposure.

You Can Snippet Too

Some small business owners and Web masters may be intimidated by snippet implementation.  Don't fret; only a basic knowledge of HTML is warranted for microdata, microformats, or RDFa formats.  Also, don't dismiss snippets if you're not a huge site.  Snippets are useful regarding sites supplying information related to recipes, events, music, people, and more.

In addition, you can improve the visibility and optimization of your videos too as video production has quickly became commonplace in a number of verticals, helping vendors better communicate the effectiveness of products and services to consumers.


Thanks for reading.

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