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WebiMax is Off to See the Mizard at MozCon 2017

Andrew Schetter, July 17, 2017

mozconOne thing is true of all digital marketers, they don’t know everything. Why? – Because the Internet is an industry and resource that continues to change and progress on a minute-minute basis. From Google algorithm update rumors to random changes to the ways we can advertise on social media, a marketer has to stay on their toes.

We take great pride in staying ahead of the digital marketing curve and having a team of experts who can read and adapt to just about any situation. In order to accomplish this, WebiMax constantly looks for ways to educate their employees. It’s why nine of WebiMax’s sharpest digital marketing minds are packing their bags for Seattle this weekend to attend the annual MozCon from July 17-19th, 2017.

Eight of our Internet marketing gurus who focus on project management, content writing, and social media will be making the trip across country for a fresh cup of Starbucks and to gather inside secrets for our clients. The whole company is excited for their trip as the lessons learned at the annual MozCon will help strengthen the campaigns of all our clients.

The company will be sharing their experiences at the event in real-time on their social media channels. You can follow along by following these profiles:




If you love digital marketing as much as us and are going to be in attendance for MozCon, be sure to let us know! We always love connecting with other marketing minds.  And if you’d like to learn more about our presence at MozCon, be sure to check out our press release.

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