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When Customers Don't Trust Your Content

admin, October 8, 2012

When business owners hire search engine optimization companies, they do so because they want to get their website ranked higher on Google or Bing. However, obtaining the conversions you want goes beyond landing on the first page of the SERPs. People who click the link to your site then have to be compelled to buy from you. It's at this point where we seriously need to discuss content.

No one likes to hear that the content on their site isn't very good. It can be a difficult subject to discuss. However, SEOs have a duty to be trustworthy partners when working on a site and that includes making content suggestions. All the meta data can be pristine, but if what the user sees on the page sends up red flags (misspellings, broken links, outdated information) they will start to feel skittish and will probably move on to another site that looks more trustworthy. Remember, even in 2012 people get uncomfortable giving out their credit card information, even when security has never been better.

Business owners need to consider giving their content an overhaul as part of their SEO efforts. Content that is engaging, modern looking, and welcoming is what will convince visitors to open their wallets and become customers. Of course, a great product is important. But visitors to your site must be persuaded to believe that your site is the best place to purchase this product from. Even if you've written your content yourself, it might be in your best interest to have a professional copywriter look it over or rewrite it for you.

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