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Utilizing Diversity Within SEO Campaigns to Drive Results

admin, August 12, 2012

Lately, social media has been shown to work wonders for many Internet marketing campaigns, but some SEOs still have difficulty leveraging social networks to work in their favor.  Networks such as Facebook and Twitter have been playing a larger part in optimization strategies and are often useful in driving traffic to pages.  However, even social media is not always entirely effective.  So, what exactly can marketers do when their social media campaigns fall short?

Aside from social media, PPC and organic SEO strategies also provide valuable traffic.  While PPC typically offers a fast turnaround and delivers quick results, it is a more costly option than an organic search engine optimization plan.  SEO techniques can build page authority, but also take time to reach their full potential and show results.

There are also ways to revive a seemingly "failed" social media campaign.  When Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts fail to gain traction and make an impact on page viewership or search rankings, developers should consider re-strategizing.  Offering incentives for users to engage in social efforts such as liking, sharing or following can assist in boosting traffic.  It is also beneficial to utilize geo-targeting and other demographic-specific techniques to improve relevance and stimulate leads, conversions and sales.

Of course, the most effective Internet marketing strategy is one that provides the most relevant traffic and subsequent revenues.  In fact, following Google's impactful Penguin and Panda updates, relevancy is necessary in order to avoid penalization and even possible de-indexing.  All content and links must be developed with these algorithm changes in mind.  Diversity is most often the key to obtaining such success in online marketing.  A campaign that is adaptive, flexible and capitalizes on current trends on the Web is the safest bet for SEOs and will deliver the most desirable results.


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