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Retaining Clients By Enhancing Communication

February 1, 2011

The most integral component of any relationship, whether it is personal, business, or buyer-seller is communication. Ask yourself, where would we be today if we were unable to communicate to our family, colleagues, or clients? In the business setting, the quality of communication that transpires between the buyer and seller typically does not appear in explicit detail in the contract. Clear communication is the added value that builds long-term customer relationships and client retention. Ever heard of “outstanding communications” being listed as a core competency?

When customers are deciding which buyer to purchase goods and services from, they need to consider, “what quality of communication will I receive during, and after the sale takes place?” With consumer goods, if the buyer purchased a product online, for example, they usually receive a notice that their item has shipped, or a note in the future asking them how they enjoy the product they purchased. That simple act can build brand loyalty.

So what if you’re a buyer entering into a contract of services? You want to know exactly what is happening with the service don’t you? A clear line of communication needs to be in place.

The internal team of developers at has designed a new proprietary client center and analytics platform that will go live in February 2011. The new platform will allow clients of WebiMax to view data related to their online marketing campaigns in “real time”, instead of receiving monthly reports as most internet marketing companies provide. Clients will now be able to see intricate details of their SEO campaign as they are completed.

Communication is the basic element of any relationship. Next time you are purchasing a product, whether it is goods or services, don’t be afraid to ask the seller “How are you at communicating with the buyer during and after the sale?”

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