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2018 Take Our Daughters & Sons To Work Day Was A Success

May 2, 2018

Thursday, April 26th was not a typical day here at the WebiMax office. WebiMax, like other employers across the country, celebrated "Take Our Daughters And Sons to Work Day." Host to 25 kids, WebiMax made it a great day filled with fun, learning, and laughter.  All the kids got to see where the adults spend their weekdays and what their typical day looks like in the office.

Celebrating this day for 8 years straight, we offer the opportunity for the adults to spend more quality time with the kids in their lives.

WebiMax CEO and founder Ken Wisnefski said "It's good for everybody to see the workplace, where their parents go to work and get a feel for what their parents do. We embrace it." 

All the kids got their very own treat-bag and played around the office in the morning, watching what the adults really do when they are not at home during the day. Then at noon, everyone walked down the street to The Victor for an exciting lunch.

Happy to say that we were very lucky to have such nice weather!




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