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AdWords Adds New Metric; Estimated Top Page Bid

September 2, 2011

Google added a new function to their AdWords platform, Estimated Top Page Bid. This new section provides a rough estimation for how much the going rate is for specific keywords you may be including (or plan on including) in your PPC campaign. Bidding on keyword phrases can have a huge impact on your PPC advertising, and with this new AdWords feature, your PPC firm will be able to indicate exactly what that keyword is going for on the specific search engine. This new feature does wonders for any PPC advertiser.

There is a minimum quality requirement for keywords such as having a 3% click through rate (CTR), having a minimum bid requirement, and others. These metrics can sound a bit confusing if you’re not proficient with AdWords, thus hiring the best PPC company is another way to further enhance your success.

Below is a screen shot of the new metric, provided by Google’s official AdWords Blog. The way to see this data on your campaign is to click on the Keywords tab, Columns, select Customize columns, and check Est. top page bid.

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