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Free Newsletters that Improve Your Writing and Business Skills

Robert Gibb, August 1, 2013

Robert Gibb - Blog ImageUntil I started reading newsletters by people who knew WAY more than me about copywriting, Internet marketing, SEO and good business, I was in the dark.

It was pitch black back then. But after joining WebiMax and expanding my copywriting skills, I began to see the proverbial light.

I look back at what I wrote then and what I write now and I notice a major difference in the quality and tone of my writing. Before it was good. Now, it's better than before. And the most exciting part is it will continue to improve as long as I continue to pull from the great resources I’ll be discussing below.

I'm convinced my improvement as a writer resulted mainly from one thing: the wisdom and information in the newsletters I started reading a little over a year ago.

Benefits of Reading these Free Online Newsletters

Taking a few hours out of your week to read them will help you to dramatically improve your writing and business skills. You'll also become more passionate and confident when the time comes to exercise your opinion. Topics covered in these newsletters include:

• Traditional copywriting and SEO copywriting
• Traditional marketing and Internet marketing
• The business of giving a lot and receiving more in return
• Perseverance, consistency and passion
• Healthy living for a healthy business

I believe that 20% of people are truly passionate about the industry they're in. The other 80% are either complacent, apathetic, or wishing they were somewhere else. I'm confident that reading these newsletters will make you part of the 20%, if you're not already part of it.

Whatever percentage you're part of, find comfort in these newsletters. As you'll learn, they're rich with experience, intelligence and a genuine concern.

The Best Online Newsletters Currently Available


Copyblogger is the authority in content marketing. The company that specializes in producing content marketing software and other valuable marketing resources started out as a little blog about 7 years ago. The founder, Brian Clark, wrote two blog posts a day about the importance of content marketing. Eventually, Copyblogger became an empire and defined the true value of having a blog with fresh content.

In the Copyblogger newsletter, you're going to get the latest on content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and more. In addition to receiving updates every time a new post is published, you'll also have access to 13 free ebooks that individually dissect topics like landing pages, keyword research, email marketing and SEO copywriting.

Early to Rise

The Early to Rise newsletter is released every weekday morning around 7 a.m. like clockwork. You can always expect it and always expect it to be great. Craig Ballantyne, copywriter and self-made entrepreneur, is the editor of the newsletter. He writes about 1 post per week and brings in professionals in various industries for the other days.

The writing styles these newsletters employ have had a huge impact on my writing. Their content makes me a better businessman while their style makes me a better writer. All newsletters are clear, engaging and concise. I especially love when Bob Burg posts. He writes about the benefit of giving and how it applies to business.

Zen Habits

Leo Babauta is an author, minimalist and deliverer of peaceful practices. The ZenHabits newsletter has over one million subscribers.

The truth is, a lot of us lose track of what's truly important when we start following our dreams. Business and passion can make our minds race and hard to slow down. With the posts on ZenHabits, Babauta makes you stop for a minute and reflect.

He believes in simplicity and contentment and succeeds in helping you find it. Take a break from the biz, relax, and simply enjoy being present. Life is good.

American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI)

Mark Ford, the copywriter and entrepreneur who started Early to Rise, also created AWAI. I briefly mention my experience with AWAI in my previous post.

Nearly every day, AWAI brings in a professional to write a single post or a series of posts about copywriting, freelance writing, graphic design and other marketing topics. If you're trying to make your own in the freelance biz, definitely subscribe to AWAI's The Writer's Life newsletter. You'll get amazing deals for awesome courses and news about upcoming conferences and events.

However, if you're just looking for amazing content, go directly to the AWAI article library. I've learned so much from reading these. If you're an aspiring copywriter, I recommend you read every post by Michael Masterson (Mark Ford's pen name).

Comment about your favorite places for fresh content in the comments section below and let me know what you think about the newsletters mentioned above.

Need an Expert Contributor?

Ken Wisnefski is a seasoned web entrepreneur and a frequent contributor to news outlets and business publications. Ken’s vast knowledge of how to make online businesses succeed has made him a sought after consultant from businesses wishing to improve their online initiatives. Contact pr@webimax.com to collaborate!


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