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Local Search Visibility Services

June 24, 2011

Local Search Visibility is a service that has emerged in recent years as Google has made a strong push to introduce (and enhance) local search. This service works well for companies that want to focus in a geographically defined area.

For example, small businesses, media and legal services, (and much more) that wants to focus in a 30-60 mile maximum radius in and around their central hub, benefit greatly from this service.

Are you a legal practice and want to enhance your client-base? Don’t have the resources or the personnel to handle accounts and support operations nationally? Consider local search visibility services.

Or, for example, say you’re a local restaurant and pub in and around Philadelphia, PA. When people search “restaurant and pub, Philadelphia”, you want your business to populate first, and not only provide detailed information; you want your businesses graphically represented on Google Maps. The easier it is for customers to find your business, the easier it is to expand revenue.

p>Our staff is trained and well-proficient with the use of Google Boost, perhaps one of the most advanced local search platforms.

At WebiMax, we’ve held the #1 ranking on as the nation’s top SEO firm for a reason. We have the technical know-how and resources to support our initiative. We’ll put your business on the map.

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