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Tracking Conversions in PPC

John Borkowski, October 19, 2011

One of the most effective methods of evaluating a PPC campaign is to track conversions. After all, don’t you want to see which ad-landing page relationship is most effective? Be careful, not all pay per click firms will do this for their clients. Contracting with the best PPC company will certainly guarantee you maximum results. WebiMax has an analytics and client center platform that reports the live status of clients campaigns. WebiMax is the only PPC company that provides this amount of transparency to their clients.

Conversions are the result of the visitor (potential client) interacting in some way with the website including filling out a lead generation form, contacting customer service, or even simply writing an email from the contact page. The underlying concept behind pay per click management is to create some sort of customer conversion. This can be tracked through an analytics platform. Google Analytics now has an option that lets users create “engagement goals” and import them into Google AdWords as a conversion. This is a great way of tracking the conversions.

Knowing which landing page(s) are generating the most conversions is like finding the smoking gun. With the knowledge of what works and what does not, advertisers can now focus spending their costly advertising resources on the areas of their website and PPC ads that generate results.

Although tracking conversions can be tedious and sometimes painful, the rewards lay in the fact that finding the most cost effective advertising channel will benefit the organization in extraordinary ways.

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