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WebiMax Michael Stewart Comments on Google's Change to Ad Placement

John Borkowski, November 8, 2011

As a follow up to yesterday’s WebiMax Blog, Michael Stewart, Senior pay per click manager, discusses the pros and cons of Google’s new Ad placement.

The new placements, previously having been shown on the top and side of search results, will now be shown beneath search results to create a more consistent viewing experience. They have started rolling out the new layout since last week and will continue until fully deployed sometime over the next month. Until these changes are fully implemented, ad placement can vary by search query.

Google testing has shown many cases of click-through rates improving with ads under the results versus the side. This supports Google’s reasoning stating they want to create a more consistent and top to bottom viewing experience. The new ad placement can help low budget advertisers compete with the top dollar advertisers. In addition, it can help capture clicks otherwise lost from result clicks as searchers scan the page from top to bottom. It is up to finding the best PPC company to leverage these changes to the clients advantage.

Inversely, however, it is possible that the additional clicks accrued from the lower positioned ads may cannibalize the top positioned ad clicks. That being said, well-funded aggressive advertisers may face added competition as a whole. This will undoubtedly mean that more intensive management of such accounts will be needed to analyze the ad position placements and optimize them properly.

About the Author: Mike joined WebiMax in March of 2010 with over 10 years' experience in managing PPC accounts. He brought his Google Qualified Individual credentials to initialize WebiMax as a Google AdWords Certified partner. Helping clients of wide ranging budgets, Mike works across all teams within WebiMax from Sales, SEO, Social Media, Web Design, and Executive Management to insure that clients meet and exceed their advertising objectives by acting as the lead in the PPC management process at WebiMax.

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