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Link Removal Services

Has Google penalized your site for unnatural linking? Let us help you have that penalty removed ASAP and get back to having a successful website. WebiMax’s in-house experts have had repeated success with the removal of these penalties.

Unnatural links pointing to a website can be devastating to any SEO campaign. Google can take targeted action on websites for their unnatural links and the sire will receive a manual action. Manual actions are penalties resulting from a human reviewer at Google who has determined a website violates Google’s guidelines, and includes spammy techniques like unnatural linking.

Link Removal Services

Whether you have a manual or algorithmic penalty due to unnatural links, the identification and removal of these unnatural links should be the first steps towards a successful recovery. WebiMax offers toxicity and reclamation services which help with the identification and removal of the unnatural links that are affecting the site. The Link Toxicity Analysis, completed by our team of in-house marketers, is a classification of all of the links pointing to your site, whether they are toxic, neutral or healthy links. The next process is the removal of the toxic links through our link reclamation services. This process is completed by contacting the webmasters of the page in question and requesting that the toxic links get removed. We provide full documentation of the process with the date and responses from each and every webmaster.

WebiMax will then create a disavow file of the remaining links that did not get removed. This disavow file is uploaded to the sites Webmaster Tools and the remaining toxic links become invisible to Google. Finally, WebiMax will submit a letter of reconsideration to Google, requesting that the penalty on the site get removed. Although many times it will take a 2nd submission to Google; our teams of in-house experts have had repeated success with the removal of these penalties.

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