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It's Just a Spring Clean for the Homepage

admin, February 28, 2012

I don't' have a high-def monitor; is it me or does your homepage look a bit dusty?  Is it time for a spring clean?  When was the last time you considered giving your brand's online face-page a scrub down?  If you've been following search engine optimization tips over the years, it's likely you've introduced, attended to, neglected, and eighty-sixed a number of implementations.

Let's wax upon some recent understandings, giving your brand fresh perspective on homepage design and implements.

Stocking up on Trust
Brand management is important; a brand has an image to build and uphold.  Do you know what always felt 'artificial' about television commercials to me?  The actors' feigned portrayal of using products and services; as if for brief moments, I will forget it's an advertisement and take stock in the actors' rejoice of the brand.  If commercials featured actual members of the brand or genuine clients, perhaps the endeavors would be more effective.

Is your brand featuring stock photos or anonymous testimonials from the homepage?  Do you think such implements hinder your brand's reputation?  Consider Todd Bailey's sentiments in this SEJ post.

A keen industry contributor, Dan Shure, recently directed my attention to my Twitter photo (I've noticed a number of people shifting away from formal and (stock looking?) photos on social accounts), suggesting I modify it to a less-stock-looking photo.  I notice the difference and celebrate his advice as well as his insight on creating creative titles.

Secure [Attention] with Titles
Dan's suggestion of intriguing attention through titles makes sense; there's a lot of real estate for eyes to see; creativity calls eyes to action.  The sentiment applies to on-site page titles as well.

Additionally, consider constructing on-site titles and descriptions like meta titles and synopses.  Take a gander at this Search Engine Watch post from last week.  Read both posts and consider fusing SE best practices with creativity to optimize opportunity.

Titles also introduce chance to issue brand personality.  Your brand wants to show its 'pieces of flare,' right?

Is the Brand's Homepage the Brand's Homage Page?
It's common to think of a homepage as a site's…well 'homepage', the main page; but, is it necessarily true for your brand?  How do users behave?  I referenced a Dr. Pete blog in yesterday's post; he directs attention to the high traffic --> poor/misleading content --> high bounce rate dynamic of particular pages.  What brand pages are most popular with users?  Are those the same pages your brand desires to be most popular?  If not, you must do some digging, understanding why users embrace particular pages over others.

These are just a few things to address.  What would you suggest to introduce a bustle in your homepage's hedgerow?

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