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How Companies (and Mayors) Can Revitalize Their Business & Brand

Danelsy Medrano, April 12, 2013

How Companies and Mayors Can Revitalize Their Business and Brand

My experiences working at WebiMax have been rewarding, to say the very least.  I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many great and influential people, including Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook and Denise Morrison of Campbell’s Soup Company.  However, my meeting with the Mayors of Camden and Atlantic City, New Jersey at last Friday’s Southern New Jersey Chamber of Commerce event may have been one of my best experiences to date.

Lorenzo Langford and Dana Redd, the Mayors of Atlantic City and Camden, respectively, spoke at last Friday’s Good Morning South Jersey Series.  Both Mayors were faced with similar challenges during their tenure in office – revitalizing the business sectors within their cities in order to create jobs and stimulate economic growth for their citizens.

Building businesses and brands can often be a tedious and intensive process.  Much like Mayor Langford and Mayor Redd, marketers must find innovative and effective ways to improve the revenues of various businesses and maximize their potential for achievement and success.  Camden and Atlantic City are both in the midst of their own revitalization strategies to drive new businesses into the area.  Conversely, many businesses have turned to Search Engine Optimization, Integrated Public Relations and Social Media to enhance their brands.

These and other digital marketing initiatives have helped businesses grow in the competitive online marketplace.  By utilizing proven methodologies while maintaining a focus on innovation and originality, everyone from business owners to major metropolitan mayors can improve their brands.

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