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SEO and Scams: How the Two Don't Mix

WebiMax Contributor, December 6, 2012

Let's be honest, the SEO industry has been marred by scams in the past. Less than reputable companies would often promise things that there was no way of honoring and use unfair measures to attempt to keep their word in order to syphon more money. These promises included getting a company on the first page of Google rankings for a keyword within a short amount of time, saying they'll submit a website to thousands of search engines and, most comically, they have cracked the Goggle algorithm. All of these are not true, involve deceitfulness or require broad interpretation of the promise in order to live up to it. These are just some of the many ways SEO has been linked with scams.


WebiMax:  SEO and Scams

So when SEO and scams are linked together, it is often because of this stigma against the industry. Luckily, the SEO markets has cleaned itself up – with the help of Google, which we'll talk about in a sec – and SEO is now a term that coincides with ethics and fair business practices.  Businesses today can benefit from the help of Webimax and other SEO companies that have developed strategies that work within the guidelines put forth by different search engines. So what would a typical strategy include?


    • On Page Optimization: The typical campaign will make it a point to take a look at the load times and other issues that may be off-putting to a visitor of the site. In addition, onsite content modification towards specific keywords and themes will allow those who are searching for specific keywords find your site.

    • Offsite Optimization: This may include everything from guest blogging onto other sites, content that offers back-linking and more. The key is to build more authority to your page by building natural links back to your site.

    • Social Engagement: Social signals are increasingly having a larger impact on search engine results and page hits. A typical social media campaign will include frequent updates, content enhancement, networking and more in order to bring your social engagement up.


These are just some of the many ways Webimax and scam don't go together. Google has indicated that scams and Black Hat methods would not be tolerated through algorithm updates that have penalized those with linkfarms, invisible content and more. Because of this, ethical SEO companies like Webimax are becoming an increasingly important part of SEO and internet marketing as the industry aims to clean itself up even further.

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