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S(e)o,....What Do Y.O.U. Call Us?

admin, March 13, 2012


How did you find this post?  Is WebiMax doing a good job branding? (You knew to come straight to the site).  Did you come from one of the search engines?  "SEO company" (as well as related derivations) is a WebiMax keyword, meaning we assume you use the term to find our services on the Web.  Is that the case?  Guess what?  We help in multiple ways regarding social media, Web design, public relations, reputation management, etc.  Take a look at our services.  Do we consider it all marketing?  Is it all SEO?  Is it all branding?  What do YOU think?

Rand Fishkin posted on SEOmoz today, regarding branding SEO and how "we" (on the inside) refer to the industry as well as (your) public perception of search engine optimization.  I'm glad he posted because it's a conversation those "in" the industry can benefit from.  What is your perception of the industry?

The Problem
"Time may change me…"  The industry is going through some growing pains.   We don't need Alan Thicke to counsel us through the process; we just need to ease our anxieties regarding how you, those seeking our services, refer to us.

Technology and broadened-business opportunities have changed the 'landscape' of the field from the 'inside' out.

Two, great observations about the change:

Gianluca Fiorelli

Michael King

I get it; you're probably not like me (being outside the industry and within your own respective field).  (Maybe) you don't regularly read industry literature.  I do.  Guess what?  It's my responsibility to provide YOU with info from the inside; so, service seekers better understand how a range of services can help them.

Just as I typed, it's our responsibility to educate our target market, our consumers.  I invite every business reader to please be diligent in realizing the change.  It's happened; it's happening; it will continue.  Be a good consumer as we endeavor at being good providers; read about old, new, and evolving services.  Do you have a question?  Please ask someone.  Don't harbor confused, dated, or limited views.  You're doing our industry and your business a huge disservice.  We're here (people in SEO) to help you build your brand; but before that, we must ensure you completely understand who we are and what we do.




I've learned to be a humble guy; I've been a brat in my time.  I often 'catch' myself employing assumptions, making an Equus asinus asinus out of myself.  I can admit it.  You're all wiser than me; I know B2B consumers are savvy.  Your business is important.  Your reputation is important.  You would not partner with questionable providers or practices, those who harm the industry and YOU as consumers, those who deviate from informing and applying best practices, those who helped engineer SEO 'folklore' and misunderstandings.

I'm asking you to help us so we can better help Y.O.U.  Please participate.

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