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Tapping into a Burgeoning Market with SEO: Mobile Phone Users

Jason Wersits, May 7, 2012

Global SmartphoneIn the world of online marketing, there's a particular crowd of internet users that have provided advertisers with quite the dilemma for years. While office-bound white collar workers and Generation Z teens are exceptionally active when it comes to interacting with web-based ads, it's been the mobile user market that has eluded many marketing firms for so long. According to a recent Pew Research study, an increasing number of people are interacting with news and media via a combination of mobile devices and home PCs or laptops. Despite this rising trend, the number of users that interact with ads on their smartphone or tablet PCs is still relatively low.

This isn't to say that the potential for mobile marketing has gone ignored by advertising agencies and SEO firms. Over the past several years, many SEO companies have devoted a significant amount of their time and effort toward building client pages that have more traction on mobile phones. Redesigned page layouts, more digestible content and websites developed with smartphones in mind have all become increasingly popular projects for marketing firms and their clients. Yet while the success of mobile-enabled sites is improving gradually over time, it's really been the initiative from social networks that has kicked things into overdrive.

Socialization and Advertising on the Go
Many SEO agencies these days supplement their organic linkbuilding efforts with activity on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Consistently found in the "Top 10 Monthly Downloads" sections of the Apple and Google app stores, social media applications are being loaded onto phones and tablets just as quickly as they are purchased. As the price of smartphones continues to decline, more and more users are spending time on the net. As a result, the amount of time which the average user spends on social media sites is growing sharply month after month.

It's because of this that marketing firms emphasize the importance of a strong social media listing to their clients. Whereas sites like Facebook were previously most relevant to users for only a handful of minutes a day, the ongoing prevalence of social media apps has increased that time significantly. Due to this, the level of exposure that even small businesses stand to gain from social network campaigns has become greater than ever.

A More Mobile-Friendly Approach to SEO
While optimizing social media activity for best results can be a complicated process, there are some tried-and-true behaviors that any SMB owner can easily do to improve a listing's traffic. In order to capture a strong follower base on social sites, a company needs to create a page that offers something worthwhile to readers. Although establishing a particularly strong presence with mobile social network users can be daunting, companies will want to try the following:

  • - Update regularly and offer interesting news or talking points.
  • - Place links in posts to original website content or other authoritative domains.
  • - Remain involved in interest groups and profiles that may yield more followers.

Each social network requires its own specialized approach in order for a SEO company to be successful on it. For additional details on the subject, I can be contact at jwersits@webimax.com. Also, further information on social media campaigning can be found here, here and here.

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