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What Are You Doing with 'All My Tweets'?

admin, April 18, 2012


Last week (Was it last week?  It all coagulates into one giant stream…) I saw a tweet by Chris Winfield:
All My Tweets -> View all your tweets on one page.http://bit.ly/HyIfhy

I was like, whaaaaaaaat?!  Now I can scrutinize the tweets of others more conveniently rather than scrolling through the limited showcasing via the Twitter platform?  Yes!  Secondly, I tweet a lot myself, using the stream to formulate my weekly roundups.  In short, I'm really glad I came across Chris' tweet and my newest marketing tool.

Self Reflection

"By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection…" - Confucius

Sometimes it's hard to see yourself from the outer perspective.  Are you satisfied with your Twitter usage?  Are you sure?  Why don't you reflect on former use; that way you can see if your tweets 'walk' the 'talk' of your intentions.  Are you tweeting enough?  Too little?  Are you only tweeting internal content?  Are social worlds colliding, allowing you to mingle private and professional lives?

Have a look under your Twitter hood, allowing you to see the tweeted mileage.  Perhaps you're on the right road or maybe it's time for a tweeting 'tune up.'  Either way, the 'All My Tweets' site allows for self reflection.

Getting to Know You…

"You can see a lot just by observing." - Yogi Berra

I wrote up a blog post on peer relations recently.  I think 'networking' online is A LOT like engaging people offline.  Kelsey Libert of BlueGlass wrote a good piece on blogger outreach today.  It's filled with tons of great info regarding building relations.  As Kelsey explains, good relations warrant doing some homework on the to-be approached personality.

The more you know about someone, the better.  That way you can gain a better 'feel,' a better idea of whether the relationship is a good professional match.  A huge spoonful of reality is warranted for those seeking PR opportunities; it's about finding the right fit; it's not just about getting exposure.  Sorry.

Only if the relation fits...

Do you have your 'eye' on a particular personality or brand?  Throw their Twitter ID into 'All My Tweets.'  Start analyzing tweets like number crunchers (eww numbers!) do data.  Number people elicit some newfound truth or pattern by analysis.  I do the same thing with personality and character.  Do I get to know someone like their diary?  No, but I can get a better 'feel' for their professional interests, personality, and Twitter behaviors through analysis.  You can too.

Who Influences the Influencer?

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to another." - JFK 

You know those popular personalities in your vertical of interest, those who have a lot of followers, those who tweet 140 characters or less while others treat it like gold?  They are called 'influencers,' the big fish.  How did they get to where they are now?  They must be doing something right.  I'm inspired by a number of people in my industry.  Can you relate?  Do you take interest in a number of 'influencers?'  Let's go further down the rabbit hole.  Who inspires them?  What are they reading?  Who do they re-tweet and speak with often?  Perhaps you can open new doors by taking more interest in what interests the influencers.

Dylan influences my poetry writing; but, he was a huge fanboy of Woody Guthrie.

Survey the tweet stream of a few parties of interest.  Find out who influences the influencers; then you'll have more learning fuel for implementing the second suggestion above.

What else could you do with 'All My Tweets'?  There's definitely more...

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