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Web Design with WebiMax: Our Top Case Studies

Rachael Giza, July 13, 2015

At WebiMax, we understand that the look and function of a website is essential for successful digital marketing. A website's design often serves as a potential customer's introduction to a company brand and can significantly influence the impression formed about quality and reputation. That's why our experienced and talented web design team continues to help companies improve their website's image and functionality with top-tier custom web design services. Our web design case studies and digital marketing case studies are featured below and give a more detailed idea of our capabilities and how we've helped companies just like yours.

First Case Study

Case Study #1: Owens Corning-Conwed Design Scape

As part of our coordinated SEO efforts to increase Owens Corning's organic traffic, WebiMax executed a complete redesign of the Conwed Design Scape website that included targeted keywords and a responsive web design. Responsive web design, which ensures that a website is properly formatted for smartphones and tablets, is becoming an essential design element for companies that wish to remain competitive, given that the number of mobile Internet users is steadily increasing. The custom redesign of the Conwed Design Scape website resulted in a 33% increase in organic traffic and a 500% increase in conversions.

Case Study #2: Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau

WebiMax helped Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau, a company that connects celebrity and motivational speakers with organizations and companies around the world, achieve a highly-intuitive and aesthetically-engaging website with extensive website redesign. All design features were customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau, and additional special elements, such as custom upgrades to its content management system and a drop-and-drag speaker interface, were also integrated with ease. Additionally, Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau benefitted from our A/B testing capabilities, which allows us to test how specific changes to a website's structure or design affect its conversion rates. With this information, we can guarantee that we make the best design choices.

Case Study #3: Smith Publicity

Webimax has helped Smith Publicity increase lead volumes over 40% while maintaining their existing budget. The cost per lead was lowered from $60 to $36 in the first three months of optimizing the campaign. View how Webimax helped Smith Publicity optimize their digital marketing campaign here.

Case Study #4: Alliance Medical

Today's successful website must incorporate fresh content if it hopes to continue to grow traffic, and a site blog page and news and events section are both great ways to regularly add engaging content. After working with WebiMax, Alliance Medical's website adopted a more user-friendly layout, blog page, and news and events page, where its latest announcements, press releases, and media coverage are featured. We also included a section for customer testimonials, which provides significant value to site visitors that are considering its services.

Case Study #5: Bourbon Ridge Retreat

Companies can be apprehensive about undertaking a website redesign, as a website is in many ways the face of a company. However, clients like Bourbon Ridge Retreat realize that when working with WebiMax, expectations are always met. Our work with Bourbon Ridge Retreat included the integration of a new photo gallery, a mobile-responsive design, a blog page, and icon replacements for bullet points, among other customized features. Throughout the entire process, we worked closely with Bourbon Ridge Retreat to ensure that expectations were met, and Bourbon Ridge Retreat's testimony of our service notes both our professionalism and expedient work.

Case Study #6: The Water Guy

Given today's heightened risk of cyber threats, e-commerce websites like that of The Water Guy depend on a high level of security for customer transactions. That's why our work with The Water Guy included the implementation of an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to create an encrypted link between browsers and the site's server. Additionally, our work included a system with the ability to retrieve customer delivery information, as well as a WordPress shopping plugin and blog. As a result, The Water Guy experienced a 99% increase in traffic and a 192% increase in mobile traffic.

Second Case Study

Case Study #7: J&B Medical Insurance

Clients will also find that WebiMax specializes in delivering results expediently. We know that time is money, and when a redesign could make a substantial difference in conversions, companies want redesign implementation to occur as quickly as possible. Our work with J&B Medical Insurance, which included a custom design, custom WordPress features and a lead generation campaign, was a testament to our emphasis on efficiency. As J&B Medical Insurance says in its testimony, WebiMax created mock-ups and carried out design implementation far quicker than a competitor.

Case Study #8: Berkshire Hathaway of Ocean City, NJ

WebiMax can also assist companies that could benefit from ongoing server and site management. Our client Berkshire Hathaway of Ocean City, NJ relies on us for just that. In addition to our continuous engagement with server/site maintenance and monitoring, we also worked with Berkshire Hathaway to implement a design responsive to smartphones and tablets, create a custom-designed WordPress template, design a custom logo, and create localized content and listings. Our extensive work with Berkshire Hathaway reflects our ability to approach versatile elements of web design.

Case Study #9: Hamburg Expressions

Companies that suffer from reputation issues can benefit significantly from our web redesign services and expertise in digital marketing. Often, we find that companies recognize there's a problem with brand reputation, but are challenged to effectively remediate. Hamburg Expressions was one such client, and as a result of in-depth analysis of the issue and the implementation of a specific remediation plan, Hamburg Expressions' key properties moved to the first and second Google search results pages within 6 months.

Case Study #10: Arcade Classics

WebiMax carried out a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Arcade Classics, an authentic classic arcade manufacturer. By engaging in a multi-pronged approach to Internet marketing—SEO, design, and social media marketing— we were able to significantly increase this client's traffic and conversions. Traffic increased 6,694% in just 10 weeks, with a 100% increase in conversions from social media platforms.

Case Study #11: Pinmart

Web design isn't just about appearance. Companies like Pinmart may be in need of design adjustments to their website's back end, which is hidden to site visitors. These back end alterations, such as those we completed for Pinmart, change the way Google crawls a website and can increase its relevance to the search engine. We also keep a pulse on Google's expected algorithmic changes and help companies proactively implement changes that will keep them competitive. Our work with Pinmart resulted in an 81.10% increase in organic traffic and a 15.21% increase in revenue.

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About WebiMax: Now that you've learned how WebiMax has helped other companies, it's time to ask: how can it help yours? Our years of experience and commitment to excellence make us the best choice for Web design and digital marketing services. To learn more about our services, contact us today at 1-888-932-4629.

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