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Chris Surovick

Chris Surovick:

September 17, 2014

Apparently Penguin 3.0 is on the horizon, so site owners and webmasters across the internet are scrambling to secure their position in Google’s good graces. With details scant about when exactly it will go into effect, and what the change will ultimately target, you might be tempted to make sweeping changes to your link building approaches, or overreact and torch your existing link profile via massive disavow attempts, but as should be the case with all of these announcements, let’s review things rationally.  The hope is that you’re already employing good link earning methods, and that this announcement should just be an opportunity to reflect on current practices and possibly make them better. In this article, we’ll discuss the vital difference between building links and earning links, strategies for establishing your site’s long term value, and a few things that can make the entire effort easier.

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May 13, 2013

Manager Monday - WebiMax.com

In 2001, Grammy award winning rapper and producer, Dr. Dre, announced his return to the hip hop scene…taking his song to #1 after a long period behind the studio glass.  He returned to the microphone to record “Forgot About Dre”.  The song emphatically announced his reemergence into the spotlight.

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March 11, 2013

WebiMax is dedicated to bettering the online presence of our clients with best practice onsite and offsite marketing. However, our marketing efforts are only as valuable as the data and tracking information we use to mark the progress of our campaigns. Most online companies do use a form of data tracking; in fact, more than 17 million websites have Google Analytic accounts. But, my questions are:

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