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Spreading Social Media Word Reflects Your Knowledge

admin, April 24, 2012


I love reading books.  It's kind of a prerequisite for teaching English I guess (something I've done).  Those who spend time behind bindings (or those delving in digitally) may notice introductions to many classics.  The introductions are often written by fellow authors and people of words.  Why do publishers approach others for introductions?  It's because of the knowledge of the introductions' authors; in short, 'they know their stuff' when it comes to the genre, author, and scope of the literary landscape.

Do you know your stuff when it comes to your vertical?  I want you to prove it through social media.

I love writing.  Not every soul does.  What's your medium of choice?  If you know your stuff, then you have something to add to the ongoing industry conversation.  Are you more of a talker?  So be it.  Start a video blog expressing your thoughts.  I think vloggers have some advantages over bloggers.  'Seeing' people is more personable.  Additionally, viewers can better assess a vlogger's passion and personality because more social cues are available via video format.

I saw this video on entrepreneur encouragement last week.  Is it done off the cuff?  Yes.  Was it unplanned?  Perhaps.  Does it make an impact?  That's a definitive, "Yes!"

I've noticed a number of parties sharing their slides as well as those of others.  Slides are condensed forms of live presentations.  Of course, slides can't duplicate the presence of the speaker; but, you can gain a lot of information from them.  Have you done a presentation in-house or externally?  Have you shared the knowledge with others?  Why not assemble your slides and share them?  Sometimes "a picture is worth a thousand words."  I've seen well-done slides accompanied by very little text, without taking away from the powerful message of the overall presentation.

Marty Weintraub recently did a presentation and offers his slides on his Facebook page (You have to 'like' to download – pretty savvy, huh?)

Content curation is a well discussed trend and marketing motion.  Have you thought about housing resources?  I see many brand sites hosting a resource section; but, it's usually reserved for internal content rather than industry-wide material.  Why not be a librarian in your industry?  Be known as a personality or brand, collecting the exceptional resources within your respective space.  It sends a message; it helps brand personalities and companies as 'keepers' of valuable content.

I can't tell you how many times per day, I read messages related to 'creating great content.'  (Sigh) 'Great' is subjective and contingent on many factors.  Additionally, the thought of doing it consecutively is a bit intimidating.  Some days you feel like a contributor and others…like a keeper of content.  Either way, roving for and housing great content offers value to your visitors.

There's an online marketing cohort of mine, Wayne Barker.  The guy is very meticulous and diligent in keeping his eyes on the online marketing space. I do the same; and, he's made a good impression on me.  He keeps a Google Plus library of industry posts.  He's branding himself as a librarian.

If you're doing a good job using social media, you're not only sharing your material, but maintaining and sharing the content of others as well.  Not only does it create value for the industry and your followers; the process speaks in and of itself.  It says, "Hey, (respective vertical) followers, I know my stuff.  I know good content when I see it.  Know and remember that about me."  Don't be fooled; we're watching you for better or worse.

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