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Seounday Roundup 4-8-12

admin, April 8, 2012


Good morning, Seounday readers.  Search engine optimization practitioners have left eggs of information around the WebiMax properties.  Let's uncover some of them to inspire better online marketing strategies.


SEOservices.com was established as a place for readers to come and get better familiarized with a range of SEO strategies and individual implementations, such as social media, PPC management, content integration, and so on.  We invite readers to peruse content featuring articles, videos and regularly-scheduled authors.

Bruce Rymshaw pens SEO 101 articles.  This week, Bruce conveyed the following insights:

The Expansion of Search

Time is Money

Jason Wersits also writes from SEOservices.com on an array of search topics, including social media and Google implementations.  Here are a couple of Jason's posts from last week:

Facebook Engineers Working on Revised Search Functionality

Don't Panic: SEO Firms Need to Pull Together to Secure Future

Ryan Buddenhagen writes about search engine optimization from a worldly perspective, labeled ISEO.  Did you miss these?

UK Illustrates Purposeful Use of Social Media, Catering to Contexts

Customer Engagement Considering the Individualistic – Collectivistic Cultural Split

Todd Bailey is our VP of Digital Strategy and recent award recipient for his excellence.  Todd wrote the following posts last week:

Web Engineers Aren't Fooling About Hacker Preparation

Blue Chipping Away at a Marketing Future

Anthony Pensabene writes from the WebiMax and SEOservices properties.  Here are a couple bits from his blogging last week:

Business People, It's Time to Exercise Your Online Verticals

The (Wo)Man Makes the Startup Brand?

WebiMax also features the writing talents of Durba Chatterjee and Jillian Johnson.  Durba wrote the following last week:

Diversifying Content on Different Social Media Outlets Is Key to Good Marketing

Jillian just joined the internal marketing squad; so, look forward to reading online marketing insights from her in the very near future!

Did you read the following search engine optimization-related articles from around the Web last week?

Sub-Group Brand Politics

Don't Let Your Employees Become Dinosaurs


Thanks for reading the WebiMax SEO blog.  Read our whitepaper on choosing a search engine optimization provider.  It's your first step to online success.

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