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The Growth of Digital Marketing and its Importance in Business

Posted by Pat Donohue on May 11, 2018 2:48:35 PM

It’s 2018, and by now if you own a business you’ve probably been told at one time or another about the increasing presence of digital marketing and its importance in growing a brand or company.

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2018 Take Our Daughters & Sons To Work Day Was A Success

Posted by Matt Haran on May 2, 2018 3:43:59 PM

Thursday, April 26th was not a typical day here at the WebiMax office. WebiMax, like other employers across the country, celebrated "Take Our Daughters And Sons to Work Day." Host to 25 kids, WebiMax made it a great day filled with fun, learning, and laughter.  All the kids got to see where the adults spend their weekdays and what their typical day looks like in the office.

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Unlock Your Inner Creativity To Be A Better Marketer

Posted by Chris Hardwick on Apr 27, 2018 1:16:03 PM

Whenever I find myself struggling to come up with a good topic to write about, I go back to the movie Adaptation. Now, Charlie Kaufman is a writer who understands the plight writers, designers, and other creative people face when they have run out of ideas. He experienced such an extreme form of writer’s block trying to adapt to a movie about orchids, he eventually wrote a movie about writing the movie about orchids. He gave himself a twin brother for comedic relief, added a few chase scenes, and turned it into something very different from where he started.

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WebiMax Named Best Reputation Management Service for Businesses

Posted by Matt Haran on Apr 23, 2018 4:39:45 PM

Business News Daily announced the results of their best online reputation management services rankings for 2018. WebiMax, a leader in the digital marketing space since 2008, claimed the top spot when it comes to reputation management for businesses due to their extensive list of services and attention to customer service. The company based out of Camden, NJ was recognized for the results they have produced for enterprise level clients as well as their reasonable costs for their robust service.

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What a Repeal of Net Neutrality Can Mean for Your Online Business

Posted by Christina Rogers on Apr 20, 2018 3:08:29 PM

You finally have a weekend to yourself and all you want to do is binge-watch your favorite shows on Netflix. Your snacks are lined up and you’ve decided to kick off the weekend by re-watching The Office for the 5th time. You turn on your computer, open your Internet browser, and you’re greeted with this screen:

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WebiMax Named Leading Marketing & Advertising Agency!

Posted by Matt Haran on Apr 18, 2018 12:44:09 PM

As a digital marketing and SEO agency serving clients around the world, our team at WebiMax strives to stay at the top of the competition. We were founded on the principle of helping clients as a strategic partner, working with clients across a myriad of industries. Offering services in SEO, paid search, reputation management, social media, web design, lead generation, and more, we understand the common marketing bottleneck effects that companies face and work to help your company overcome them.

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WebiMax CEO: "Show Me The Proof That Facebook Is To Blame In Cambridge Hack"

Posted by Greg Adomaitis on Apr 12, 2018 3:07:26 PM

Facebook is a merely a “conduit” and it’s “hard to say” that the social media platform is solely to blame for the data breach that saw 87 million accounts exposed to Cambridge Analytica. That’s the stance of Ken Wisnefski, founder, and CEO of digital marketing agency WebiMax, and he’s withholding judgment until someone can show him that Facebook willingly offered up this data that was eventually used as campaign subterfuge to steer voters during the 2016 presidential run.

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Google Rolls Out "More Results" Button for Mobile

Posted by Matt Haran on Apr 12, 2018 12:03:56 PM

For some time, Google has been testing a “more results” button within their search engine results pages to load more results on mobile. This new button would essentially eliminate the need of having to click to the next page of search results thus removing paginated search results on mobile. Last night, Google made an announcement on Twitter that this is now real, stating the following: “We’ve launched a new “More results” button that makes it easier and faster to get more search results on mobile. Now additional listings load below the ones already being viewed, rather than the old "Next" button that would load an entirely new page....”

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All News is Local: Get Your PR Initiatives the Attention They Deserve

Posted by Greg Adomaitis on Apr 6, 2018 1:15:10 AM

What do a store shelf and a news reporter’s email inbox have in common?

Both are filled to the brim with items being overlooked. It’s not intentional, but we’re in the age of information overload so some pitches fall by the wayside and products that show true promise gather dust. With the assistance of expertly-crafted media pitches and press releases created by dedicated WebiMax writers, your company’s digital marketing efforts will stand out in a crowd -- or on a store shelf or reporter’s inbox. Below, you’ll see how we can help you turn more heads.

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Is Your Site Ready for Google’s Mobile-First Indexing?

Posted by Matt Haran on Mar 28, 2018 3:46:01 PM

Google recently announced they are going to start rolling out their mobile-first indexing, an initiative that allows Google to generate and rank it’s search results based on the mobile version of content on a website. Keep in mind, Google’s always used one single index for serving search results and will always use one. That single index is just changing from desktop to mobile. We’ve all known that throughout the years more users are utilizing mobile searches as opposed to desktop searches. This has been a trend for some time and in 2018 we are seeing mobile searches dominate.  Largely due to this mobile dominance, Google is now going to start crawling and indexing the web as a mobile browser.

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